Digital Native Learning

As a socio-economic focused on studying the changes brought by new media to our social lives, I understood networks as a space of knowledge production that could give me and my children access to informal communities of interest and practices focused on similar issues. In my mind, the internet has a become a sort ofContinue reading “Digital Native Learning”

Common HSP characteristics

This is an excerpt from the article The Highly Sensitive Person: An Introduction. Posted on the It is an awesome explanations of the common attributes of HSPs. This clarifies a lot of things! Common Attributes of HSPs Sensitivity can vary considerably from person to person, and manifests in different ways. Indeed, getting one’s feelingsContinue reading “Common HSP characteristics”

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive: AGORA, The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives is a unique non-commercial, website, contributed to by about eighty people world-wide. We are working to promote the serious, intelligent and SAFE use of essential oils for healing the body, mind and spirit. The various pages on this website are hosted inContinue reading “Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive”

Thoughts: Healing from the Age of Trauma

Healing from the Age of Trauma I have been thinking about this text that I came across last week: “Navigating Trauma in the Face of Contemporary Culture, Displacement, and Ecological Destruction” by Bonnie Bright. This was a powerful text for me that tied together some of the ideas I have been exploring around how peopleContinue reading “Thoughts: Healing from the Age of Trauma”

Kids’ Games from Nutrition Explorations

Welcome to Fuel Up to Play 60 — the new home of all your favorite games and lessons from Nutrition Explorations! Here, you can still play your favorite games, AND you can learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60. Join the program and see how some of your favorite NFL players are working withContinue reading “Kids’ Games from Nutrition Explorations”

Highly Sentive People (HSP)?

I found this presentation: Health, Healthcare, & the Highly Sensitive Person: Issues & Solutions – for patients, families, & providers by Gail Ruth, RN MSN, which does an awesome job at explaining HSPs and their main issues when encountering the health system. The following notes summarize and work from the material found in the presentation: AContinue reading “Highly Sentive People (HSP)?”