The Common Scents Mom » Quieting the Mind with Vetiver

Reblogged from: The Common Scents Mom » Quieting the Mind with Vetiver. Quieting the Mind with Vetiver January 13, 2012 I just started using therapeutic grade vetiver essential oil with my daughter, Abigail, who often struggles with sensory issues. She loves it, and it smells so nice. When we first opened the bottle, we weren’tContinue reading “The Common Scents Mom » Quieting the Mind with Vetiver”

The Best Essential Oils For Body Detox

Reblogged article from: The Best Essential Oils For Body Detox. Top 10 Or Best Essential Oils For Detox   What are the best essential oils for detox Detoxification (detox) is the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. Natural essential oil is one of the effective methods used to achieve this purpose. Aromatherapy essentialContinue reading “The Best Essential Oils For Body Detox”

Traffic Stress? Spice It Up! – CBS News

Reblogged from: Traffic Stress? Spice It Up! – CBS News. Traffic Stress? Spice It Up!     The smell of cinnamon or peppermint might take the edge off road rage during your next traffic jam. Those two odors won’t change the knot of cars in the lanes ahead, shorten the distance to your destination, orContinue reading “Traffic Stress? Spice It Up! – CBS News”

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive: AGORA, The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives is a unique non-commercial, website, contributed to by about eighty people world-wide. We are working to promote the serious, intelligent and SAFE use of essential oils for healing the body, mind and spirit. The various pages on this website are hosted inContinue reading “Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive”

Headlice Page on AGORA by Lowana Veal

Reblogged Article from: Headlice Page on AGORA by Lowana Veal. Headlice Lowana Veal is a biologist who has carried out experimental work with essential oils. She has also written a number of articles on complementary health issues From time to time people ask questions about essential oils and headlice. As a result, discussion ensues, butContinue reading “Headlice Page on AGORA by Lowana Veal”

Holistic Health Care

A Guide to Wellness Care Look at your health in an organized manner. Find and eliminate the things that undermine your good health. You can approach your health in a systematic manner, eliminating the cause of any current health problems and preventing health problems later in life. Chronic health problems like asthma, allergies, digestive problems,Continue reading “Holistic Health Care”