Kids’ Games from Nutrition Explorations

Welcome to Fuel Up to Play 60 — the new home of all your favorite games and lessons from Nutrition Explorations! Here, you can still play your favorite games, AND you can learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60. Join the program and see how some of your favorite NFL players are working withContinue reading “Kids’ Games from Nutrition Explorations”

Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children

Article reblogged from:  Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children. Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children By Lesley Sword What is Emotional Intensity? Giftedness has an emotional as well as intellectual component. Intellectual complexity goes hand in hand with emotional depth. So gifted children not only think differently from other children they also feel differently. Emotional intensity inContinue reading “Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children”


Empathy is a double edge sword: or why I am anti social and fat I have noticed that me and my sons are sensitive to a myriad of energies and effect them as well. For instance, I can not wear watches, they stop working after a few weeks of wear. I sense tiny amount ofContinue reading “Empathy”

Multi Sensory Intelligence is not a Disability.

Multi-Sensory Intelligence is not a disability. I am starting to see a pattern in my readings and what I am observing in our experiences here.  Our body and it’s many biological, emotional, social, spiritual  and physical sensors form a very complex natural communication system that is not limited to feeding the inner self.  This systemContinue reading “Multi Sensory Intelligence is not a Disability.”

Sensory Diet?

Sensory Diet According to Ellen Yack, B.Sc., M.Ed., O.T., Shirley Sutton, B.Sc., O.T. & Paula Aquilla, B.Sc., O.T. in the article “Ask the Expert: The Wilbarger Protocol for Sensory Defensiveness“: A sensory diet is a planned and scheduled activity program designed to meet a child’s specific sensory needs. Wilbarger and Wilbarger (1991) developed the approachContinue reading “Sensory Diet?”

Highly Sentive People (HSP)?

I found this presentation: Health, Healthcare, & the Highly Sensitive Person: Issues & Solutions – for patients, families, & providers by Gail Ruth, RN MSN, which does an awesome job at explaining HSPs and their main issues when encountering the health system. The following notes summarize and work from the material found in the presentation: AContinue reading “Highly Sentive People (HSP)?”

First step towards better Interior Air Quality (IAQ)

Reblogged from: First step towards better IAQ |. First step towards better IAQ Posted on July 26, 2012 Ready to take the first step toward improving your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)? Take a tour through the EPA’s IAQ house:

The Value of Observation – Sensory Integration Disorder

he Value of Observation by Terri Mauro Sensory integration disorder isn’t something you can do a blood test for. There are no X-rays or EEGs that will allow a specialist to say, “Aha!There it is! Sensory integration disorder!” The tests that occupational therapists do to determine whether your child has sensory integration disorder mostly involveContinue reading “The Value of Observation – Sensory Integration Disorder”

Disobedience or Poor Motor Planning? – Sensory Integration Disorder

You give your child seemingly simple instructions, then check back to find that he’s done something else entirely, or done only part of what you’ve asked. Is he deliberately defying you, or is this a sign of poor motor-planning abilities? Even a request like “Go downstairs to the kitchen, get me a roll of paperContinue reading “Disobedience or Poor Motor Planning? – Sensory Integration Disorder”