The Value of Observation – Sensory Integration Disorder

he Value of Observation by Terri Mauro Sensory integration disorder isn’t something you can do a blood test for. There are no X-rays or EEGs that will allow a specialist to say, “Aha!There it is! Sensory integration disorder!” The tests that occupational therapists do to determine whether your child has sensory integration disorder mostly involveContinue reading “The Value of Observation – Sensory Integration Disorder”

Disobedience or Poor Motor Planning? – Sensory Integration Disorder

You give your child seemingly simple instructions, then check back to find that he’s done something else entirely, or done only part of what you’ve asked. Is he deliberately defying you, or is this a sign of poor motor-planning abilities? Even a request like “Go downstairs to the kitchen, get me a roll of paperContinue reading “Disobedience or Poor Motor Planning? – Sensory Integration Disorder”