Essential Oils for ADHD: Can Essential Oils Enhance Focus in ADHD Children?

Excerpt from: A search on the Internet results in a lot information about essential oils for ADHD children, with claims that certain types of oils help kids concentrate better. Parents looking to essential oils should approach them with caution because there isn’t much scientific research on the topic. What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are extracts fromContinue reading “Essential Oils for ADHD: Can Essential Oils Enhance Focus in ADHD Children?”

Digital Native Learning

As a socio-economist focused on studying the changes brought by new media to our social lives, I understood networks as a space of knowledge production that could give me and my children access to informal communities of interest and practices focused on similar issues. In my mind, the internet has a become a sort ofContinue reading “Digital Native Learning”

Extreme Kids & Crew | Research

Research 80,000 children and no where to go The 2010 Census reports that 1 in 20 school age children living at home has a disability. Applying a CDC estimate, more than 80,000 children in Brooklyn have disabilities ranging from speech impairments to cerebral palsy, autism, and deafness. These children need places to go outside ofContinue reading “Extreme Kids & Crew | Research”

Setting Boundaries with inner children

Excerpt from  Setting Boundaries with inner children. “I have had many people ask me what I mean when I refer to setting boundaries for my inner children. People who have asked for examples, for how it looks on a practical level to set a boundary with an inner child.” “So I set a boundary withContinue reading “Setting Boundaries with inner children”

Skin deep: Fruit flies reveal clues to wound healing in humans

Apr. 5, 2013 — A person’s skin and a fruit fly’s exoskeleton, called a “cuticle” may not look alike, but both coverings protect against injury, infection, and dehydration. The top layers of mammalian skin and insect cuticle are mesh-works of macromolecules, the mammal version consisting mostly of keratin proteins and the fly version predominantly ofContinue reading “Skin deep: Fruit flies reveal clues to wound healing in humans”

Holistic Health as a form of Communication

I remember my grandmother using homeopathy remedies and natural remedies to help us when we were sick. But as an adult, my personal journey in holistic medicine began when my first son was born. That child was born extremely sensitive to my breast milk and we quickly had to change our diet to keep himContinue reading “Holistic Health as a form of Communication”