What Causes the Rise of ADHD in Children?

One in 10 American children now has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—a 22 percent increase from 2003. Boys are twice more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls ADHD involves a cluster of symptoms that include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviors. Often, children with ADHD struggle in school and have difficulty managing interpersonal relationships The causeContinue reading “What Causes the Rise of ADHD in Children?”

Digital Native Learning

As a socio-economic focused on studying the changes brought by new media to our social lives, I understood networks as a space of knowledge production that could give me and my children access to informal communities of interest and practices focused on similar issues. In my mind, the internet has a become a sort ofContinue reading “Digital Native Learning”

Meeting Sensory Needs On A Budget – The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

I have a sensory seeker, which means I have a kid who loves to move and groove. She loves to jump, swing, run, body check me, be squeezed–anything that provides input to her body, she craves. When she was a toddler, she would run around the house clutching an object in each hand and humContinue reading “Meeting Sensory Needs On A Budget – The Thinking Moms’ Revolution”

Sensory Processing Issues Explained | Child Mind Institute

When Jill went hunting for new shoes for her 6-year-old daughter, Katie, it wasn’t a simple question of finding the cutest pair in her size. While the second-grader doesn’t have wide feet, Jill learned the hard way that Katie needs a really wide toe box because “if she feels things are constricting at all, we’reContinue reading “Sensory Processing Issues Explained | Child Mind Institute”

The Jewish Press » » Decoding Sensory Processing Disorder

Great explanation of Sensory Processing There is always a lot of confusion surrounding sensory processing disorder – mainly because there are many different diagnoses that fall under the catch-all phrase sensory processing disorder SPD. Among them are three specific subcategories: read more via The Jewish Press » » Decoding Sensory Processing Disorder.

Sensory Integration Activities and Exercises for Children

Reblogged post from:  Sensory Integration Activities and Exercises for Children. Parents can make use of simple sensory integration activities and exercises to complement occupational therapy sessions that their child may be receiving. Children with sensory integration disorder struggle to process information that the senses send to the brain. The brain thus does not respond effectively,Continue reading “Sensory Integration Activities and Exercises for Children”

Reblogged article: Sensory Processing Disorder: Vestibular Dysfunction

http://www.autismmom.net/sensory-processing-disorder-vestibular-dysfunction/ If proprioception is your 6th sense, then the vestibular system is the 7th sense. The vestibular system is how we negotiate balance. It is the intricate system that includes the feedback loop between the inner ear and the brain. If you’ve ever experienced vertigo or dizziness, you understand how it feels to have vestibularContinue reading “Reblogged article: Sensory Processing Disorder: Vestibular Dysfunction”

SPD Foundation – About SPD – SPD and Gifted

Studies of SPD and giftedness have historically been conducted with weak methodology producing a tangle of contradictory findings about whether or not sensory impairments are more prevalent in gifted children than in typical children. However, in 2007, new research began to appear indicating that SPD symptoms occur more frequently in populations of children identified asContinue reading “SPD Foundation – About SPD – SPD and Gifted”

5 Ways to Tune Up Your Child’s Sensory Diet

Revlogged from: 5 Ways to Tune Up Your Child’s Sensory Diet. Creating an effective sensory diet can be challenging, but for the child with a sensory processing disorder, having a good sensory diet in place can mean the difference between a relatively smooth family outing and one that is miserable, between a ‘good’ day atContinue reading “5 Ways to Tune Up Your Child’s Sensory Diet”