If you are reading this, you are probably looking for information on highly sensitive people or highly sensitive children. If that is the case, I have hopefully created a place for you to find some answers to your questions. I am a highly sensitive person and mom to two boys who are also blessed to be sensitives.

My name is alx. My two highly sensitive boys have taken me on an incredible journey of healing. My sons both have sensory integration differences and sensitivities to the environment, people and foods, which have not been helped but worsened with every visit to traditional doctors.

Once I began to take them to alternative doctors, things began to improve and these professionals as well as other parents on the net started to educate me about how to best help my children. I have been on this journey for almost nine years now and our lives have been transformed.

I have come to realize that I am part of the 3rd generation of the modern world.

  • To have lived with chemicals all of our lives.
  • To have lived with electronic media all of our lives.
  • To have had a working mom.
  • To have witness globalization expending the rain of corporate rules.
  • To have witnessed the death of believes, family life and simple knowledge.

I am amazed how many of us know nothing about basic health or food issues and I worry about where our society is going and having began to learn how to heal myself and my family, I have decided to put my growing knowledge to use.
I am not an expert in health or nutrition but a person who knows how to learn. I have a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences and as a parent I have been experimenting with alternate ways of fostering health in my children.
As my knowledge increased I decided that I should formalize my education in these health areas and start helping others.

According to Dr. Elaine Aron, you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person if you:

  • Are easily overwhelmed by such things as bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or sirens nearby
  • Become stressed when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time
  • Need to withdraw after a busy day, into a place where you can have privacy and relief from the situation
  • Notice or enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, or works of art
  • Have a rich and complex inner life
  • Are hyper sensitive to emotions, food, chemicals , animals, plants and/or people.
  • Have hard to manage allergy and sensitivities.
  • Have unusual responses to medication and therapies.

Your child is probably a Highly Sensitive Child if he/she:

  • Complains about scratchy clothing, seams in socks, or labels against his/her skin
  • Is sensitive to sound, smells and texture
  • Learns better from a gentle correction than strong punishment
  • Is hard to get to sleep after an exciting day
  • Doesn’t do well with big changes
  • Notices the distress of others
  • Is a perfectionist
  • Performs best when strangers aren’t present
  • Feels things deeply

Psychological aspect of the Highly Sensitive Person has been studied but physiological aspect of this trait has not been widely discussed. I believe that HSP have special needs when they get sick.

Chemical, emotional and other toxins are now pushing our body/mind/spirits into situations that many doctors have never encountered.  Most of us are affected by high toxin accumulation in our bodies which hinder the body’s healing abilities and which trigger hypersensitivity of the immune system. An alarming number of allergies and auto-immune diseases have appeared such as the new pattern of diseases such as the Five As (Asthma, Allergy, Autism, ADHD and autoimmune), as well as fatigue, insomnia, digestive, hormonal and emotional problems are the result of increased toxicity and the malfunction of the immune system.

According to Dr Chang, highly sensitive people have highly sensitive bodies:

Because of its sensitive nature, the Highly Sensitive Body may experience a lot of difficulties in dealing with toxins and stresses. The physiological changes in the HSB include the following areas:

  • Sensitive to emotions.
  • Sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.
  • Tendency to have malfunction of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal system.
  • Easy to develop and hard to manage allergy and sensitivities.
  • Tendency to develop energy conflicts inside the body.
  • Different responses to medication and therapies.

HSB needs very gentle treatments such as aromatherapy, and with appropriate changes in diet, it is possible to thrive in our toxic world.

Who May Have Highly Sensitive Body?

Those who have Highly Sensitive Body may have the following health concerns:

  • Insomnia, stress and fatigue
  • Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder
  • Chronic migraine and tension headaches
  • Severe menopausal symptoms and PMS
  • Food, environmental and chemical sensitivities
  • Autoimmune diseases such as colitis, lupus, arthritis
  • Eczema, hives and dermatitis
  • Frequent sinus and ear infection, colds and flu, asthma
  • Autistic Spectrum and AD(H)D

Does Your Child have a Highly Sensitive Body?

Your child may have a Highly Sensitive Body if they have most of the following conditions:

  • Insomnia or fatigue during the day
  • Highly emotional, anxious, irritable or breakdown especially when hungry
  • Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
  • Food, environmental and chemical sensitivities
  • Stomachache, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation
  • Picky eating and specific food craving
  • Eczema, hives and dermatitis
  • Frequent sinus and ear infection, colds and flu, asthma
  • Autistic Spectrum and AD(H)D

I have another called The Highly Sensitive Family: http://thehighlysensitivefamily.wordpress.com, which houses all kind of material related to raising highly sensitive  children.

This blog is a place to provide as much information as I can to help you cope with what you are facing. Over the last 9 years I have learned a lot about the specificities of highly sensitive people and highly sensitive children and I feel it is time to share this knowledge with others in need.

In my research I have found that older belief systems found in other cultures and ancient cultures all hold a special place for highly sensitive people in their societies. In ancient traditions, HSP were the future shamans, artists, people who possess different sensory abilities, which are much more fine tuned and therefore are capable of bridging between the human world and others, such as thw plant world, the animal world, the baby world, etc. You will find a section of this blog dedicated to spiritual matters as many writing on how shamans perceive the world relate to how highly sensitive people do.

I have become an aromatherapist to bring well-being to my family with gentle treatments and I am in the process of becoming an herbalist to be better able to come up with solutions that help reduce toxicity in our lives. If you need advice or help, feel free to contact me.

Take care,


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