Fear of Intimacy – the wounded heart of codependency

Fear of Intimacy – the wounded heart of codependency

by Robert Burney M. A.

I mention fear of intimacy often in my writing. It seems to me that in most of the articles I write for my web site I mention it in passing or for a few paragraphs. And it is the predominate theme that I deal with the personal processing I share in my Update Newsletters – and in my personal online journal in the Joy2MeU Journal.

I have been doing some slight rewrites of several of my web pages in early 2002, to accommodate a change in the major marketing tool I use to help make my web site available to people searching the internet. In doing so, I realized that I had never really explained fear of intimacy in a simple, straight forward manner. The article of mine that people find when searching for “fear of intimacy” on the web is Grief, Love, & Fear of Intimacy – the story of my first experience of doing deep grief work. That article is really focused more on deep grieving as a way of healing fear of intimacy, than on the phenomena itself. Thus I realized the need for this article explaining why we have a fear of intimacy.

via Fear of Intimacy – the wounded heart of codependency.

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