by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© December 2009, The Center For Development

Today one out of every five children is diagnosed with a behavior or learning disorder. It is often a nightmarish experience for both parents and children. Also, the problem does not necessarily end when the children grow up. It is sometimes just renamed delinquency or other social anxiety problems. Medication, psychotherapy, special education, and more prisons and police may help control the situation. But none of these methods address causes.

In my experience, ADD and ADHD are not a single disorder, but rather are symptoms with many possible causes. The causes can be divided into those from outside a person, and those from within. Outside influences include factors such as the family, home and school environments.

Internal causes include structural, biochemical, congenital, genetic or other bodily imbalances. Factors such as nutrition and brain chemistry are often overlooked. In addition to vital nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excesses, hypoglycemia, chronic yeast infection, central nervous system allergies, this article discusses the effects of stimulants in the diet, congenital imbalances, the effects of medications, and a faster-than-normal metabolic rate.


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