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Quieting the Mind with Vetiver

January 13, 2012

I just started using therapeutic grade vetiver essential oil with my daughter, Abigail, who often struggles with sensory issues. She loves it, and it smells so nice. When we first opened the bottle, we weren’t sure what we thought; but, once we applied it, we were captivated by the mysterious scent, and found that we really loved it!

Vetiver is a very thick, dark and syrupy essential oil. The aroma is earthy, sweet, and full of life. It reminds me of an early morning walk through a lush green forest filled with damp grasses and wild herbs.

Like myrrh, vetiver oil has excellent fixative properties; therefore, it is often used in perfumes. Vetiver has a calming and soothing effect on the central nervous system and is a wonderful oil to help quiet an overactive, exhausted, or stressed mind.  It is also said to be a good choice in helping to control anger, irritability, or neurotic behavior, as well as helping with insomnia.

Recently, while researching essential oils commonly used for treating ADD/ADHD/ and Autism, vetiver kept coming up. Many people feel very strongly that vetiver oil (along with several other choice oils) is making a huge difference in the lives of children with such disorders.

In the following study conducted in 2001 by Dr. Terry Friedman, several essential oils were used to treat ADD and ADHD. Vetiver was found to be the most effective in observations and brain wave scans – showing improvements in 100% of subjects! Cedarwood essential oil was 83% effective, and lavender 53%.


This case study was conducted for two years, from 1999-2001. Using Children between the ages of 6 to 12 years. Twenty subjects not diagnosed with ADD/ADHD were used as the control group. Twenty subjects with a confirmed diagnoses of ADD/ADHD were used as the study group.

Each group was pre-tested using a baseline evaluation with real time EEG and The T.O.V.A. Scale.

The essential oils chosen for the case study were Lavender, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Brain Power (a blend of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Melissa, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Lavender and Helichrysum.)

The oils were administered in this fashion: one of the oils were administered by inhalation 3 times a day for 30 days. An inhalation device was also used at night to administer a continuous inhalation of oil.

The subject then inhaled when needed, about 3 times during the day when they began to feel “scattered”. The inhalation of the oils proved to settle the brainwaves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patterns.

Each subject was tested on each oil for 30 days and then reevaluated by testing. Then another oil was used for 30 days and reevaluated, until each of the oils had been tested. Lastly, oil combinations were used, each for a 30 day period. (Brain Power with Lavender, with Cedarwood, and Vetiver.)

The final results were: Lavender increased performance by 53%, Cedarwood increased performance by 83% and Vetiver increased performance by 100%.

This study was published in the American Medical Association Journal.

Vetiver encourages stimulation of the circulatory system and can help relieve stiffness from arthritis and muscle cramping.  Treat yourself by massaging Vetiver into overworked muscles. It is also said to help heal cuts and scrapes more effectively and with less scarring. Some people add it to their face creams and lotions to revitalize mature, aging skin and rejuvenate wrinkly, irregular skin textures. Others may find it helpful in dealing with acne or skin blemishes.

Vetiver is among the oils highest in sesquiterpenes. Along with helping children control their behavior, it may also help anyone cope with stress, anxiety, or and in recovering from emotional trauma and shock.

Tourette’s Syndrome

“I tried the Vetiver for a tic that was bothering my son. I massaged it behind his ears and the tic stopped. I am not sure if you are familiar with Tourette’s, but this is amazing!! He still has his pesky regular ones, but the major annoying body jerking, and the fake hiccup tic that was making him become very upset, was instantly gone within a few seconds of this oil.

“I now want to know everything possible about essential oils!! I have signed up to be a distributor because as soon as I become knowledgeable enough to help my own family, I cannot wait to help others. This is truly a gift from God.

“I am so excited to have been introduced to the essential oils as an alternative. I cannot thank you enough for suggesting Vetiver for my son. I never would have imagined something so simple could have helped, and without side effects, FINALLY! Thank you.” – Amanda B.

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