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Head Lice Home Remedies

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There are many head lice home remedies available that will help you get rid of head lice. Each different home remedy will eliminate either adult lice or lice eggs. There are many recipes available online, but getting rid of head lice using simple products like olive oil or vinegar is possible and actually works very well. We will therefore focus on simple products you can find in your kitchen.

In this section we will give you pros and cons of using home remedies for head lice. Just like commercial products that contain chemical substances, and contrary to popular belief, some home remedies for treating head lice are not harmless to human health if they are not applied properly. Whenever we tell you about a natural lice treatment home remedy we will tell you if it can have side-effects and if you can use it safely.

Then, you will find information on the following remedies: how to apply a head lice olive oil treatment, using mayonnaise to treat head lice, tea tree oil for lice, and lice vinegar.

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