Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives (AGORA) Index

AGORA is an international group of volunteers dedicated to providing noncommercial aromatherapy education articles via donated web space on the internet

VOLUNTEERED ARTICLES: from the site: Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives (AGORA) Index.


User Note for the 2012 Updated AGORA Index: Most of the the Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive pages were originally published in 1998-2000, when computer screens were were smaller and browsers were “primitive”. Although many pages are now revised, for optimum viewing, it is recommended that you set your browser width so the right side is in about the middle of the second column. Also, please note that many of the e-mail addresses are obsolete.

Absorption, skin and inhalation Martin Watt
A.I.D.S., H.I.V. and aromatherapy —Lyn Gardenchild and Martin Watt
Ancient Hebrew roots and usesHana Forbes
Ancient uses, Egypt Martin Watt
Aromatic Plant Project, TheSusan Apito
Availability Martin Watt
Carrier oils and their qualitiesMarge Clark
Case StudiesDanila Mansfield:

Death and Dying
Diabetes and Infertility
Leg Cramps and Intensive Care Work
Poison Ivy
Respiratory Problems, Chronic
Chemical structuresBen Alkire [missing page]
Cooking with essential oils—Menkit Prince
Dilutions and percentages, calculatingSuki Isakson
Distillation, lavandinDanila M
Distillation, MatricariaMichel Vanhove
Distillation of Bupleurum fructicosum, Harvest and FiltrationMichel Vanhove
Essential oils:
  BasilSuzanne Catty
Cypress oilSuki Isakson
LavenderMichel Vanhove
Mynou de Mey
Ylang ylangMarge Clark
Events and coursesJim Llewellyn
False oils Martin Watt
FAQsMichel Vanhove
Homeopathy, Aromatherapy andLowana Veal
How does it work? Martin Watt
Legislation, proposed—Tony Burfield
Lice, headLowana Veal
Marketing Martin Watt
Aromatherapy, massageDanila M
Session images, massageMichel Vanhove
MeasurementsSherill Pociecha and Gary Bourbonais
Men, AT forSusan Renkel, Luis Basto
Misinformation Martin Watt
Misleading information Martin Watt
Natural Perfumery—Anya McCoy
NebulizersMichel Vanhove
Nomenclature, botanicalMartin Watt
Overuse Martin Watt
Perfume blendsSherill Pociecha
Photosensitisation and sensitisation, factors affectingMartin Watt
Purchasing cautionMartin Watt
Reproductive ailments—Beth McCormack
Assessing oils and suppliers Sherill Pociecha
Assessing oils at homeSherill Pociecha
The anatomy of adulterationSherill Pociecha
Natural variation in essential oilsLowana Veal
Safety, essential oilMartin Watt
StillsBen Alkire [missing page]
Symbolism, alchemicalBen Alkire [missing page]
Synergy, A Four-Part Harmony Sherill Pociecha
Taxonomy (families, genera, species and sub-species. chemotypes)—Lowana Veal
Toxicity mythsRon Guba
Toxins in plant medicines Martin Watt
Training Martin Watt

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