Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archive:

AGORA, The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives is a unique non-commercial, website, contributed to by about eighty people world-wide. We are working to promote the serious, intelligent and SAFE use of essential oils for healing the body, mind and spirit. The various pages on this website are hosted in different places, internationally, reflecting the worldwide nature of the interest and participation in aromatherapy. The origin of this project came from a dream of Michel Vanhove, who hosts this homepage.

From the creator of the site:

I expressed an old dream on the idma aromatherapy mailinglist on 16/2/1998: “I dream of a better use of the web possibilities and a cooperation of webpage owners or designers, to make a huge common work on aromatherapy and related subjects. Different people cooperating with the same purpose: making info available and enabling communication. If we would cooperate, one member would make some space on his / her pages for long updated references on books, another person could keep updated a huge link page,sorted by subject and country with clear descriptions, another making images available…”

Update : 12/06/2012
14 years have passed since we started this project. Many things changed for several contributors and the web pages have been left unchanged for a long time, though many people came to visit them, so I continued to host them. We moved from Belgium to France and did not always had a fast internet access. We will now try to revive the project and add new items.

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