Tuning Into Nature for Inner-peace

Except from : Dr. Ted’s HSP Newsletter #16

One of the best ways to calm an HSP’s nervous system and cope with our over-stimulating world is to frequently tune into nature. It’s deeply relaxing for HSPs to be able to look out a window at a beautiful nature scene. Take regular breaks throughout the day and for a few minutes really focus on the majestic tree in your back yard, the deep green grass of the front lawn or the crystal-clear azure sky above.

If your living or work environment is saturated with artificial, urban stimuli, you can buy large pictures or posters of natural landscapes. You will feel so much better after gazing at a large picture of a mountain, an ocean scene, or Monet’s Water Lilies. Fill your home and office with plants and flowers to create a nurturing, positive environment.

Try to spend time some time in nature every day, either walking or sitting in silence. Try to stay focused in the present moment. Take note of what you are hearing by listening to the sweet songs of the birds, the flowing of a waterfall or a squirrel scampering up a tree. Deeply observe what you are seeing by really gazing at the cornucopia of multi-colored flowers, the crystal-clear blue sky or the cotton candy-like clouds reflected in the shimmering water of a pond. I also recommend taking a longer full day or weekend retreat once or twice a year in nature without any electronic equipment.

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